Supported Employment has just been approved for a new Work Adjustment Program.  Work Adjustment services allow participants of the program to gain real work experience that enhances their vocational skills. Individuals can work 20 hours per week and there is no cost or liability for the employer. UCP pays the individual throughout the time that they are working at the designated work site. Work Adjustment services help individuals eliminate any possible barriers to employment and are accomplished in 1-4 months. A Job Coach will be provided for all individuals who participate in Work Adjustment, ensuring that all job tasks are performed to a satisfactory level.

For more information about our Work Adjustment program, please contact UCP at (209) 956-0290 or send an e-mail.

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Supported Employment

Supported Employment was established by UCP in 1989 to help persons with disabilities find and maintain employment in businesses within their communities. Today, eighty-two percent (82%) of the individuals placed by the UCP Supported Employment program achieve long-term employment success.

Additionally, the Supported Employment program offers employees the following:

Job Development:

As a participant in the Supported Employment program, you will be assigned a Job Developer. You and your Job Developer will work closely in order to:

  • Create a professional resume
  • Complete applications
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Introduce you to employers
  • Follow-up with employers
  • Recommend accommodations

Job Coaching

Once you are working, you may receive job coaching. Job coaches work with you for a period of time and assist you as needed.

Some of the ways a job coach may help is by:

  • Answering questions you may have
  • Demonstrating how tasks are to be done
  • Communicating with your supervisor
  • Finding Solutions to any barriers you may come across

For more information about Job Development or Job Coaching, please contact UCP at (209) 956-0290 or send an e-mail.

UCP’s Supported Employment Program made a difference in Nick Hanson’s Life. 

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