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Chloe’s Uplifting Spirit


Chloe Kaalund’s weightlifting journey began early in junior high school when she was approached by her gym coach about a potentiChloeal position on her school’s weightlifting team. Since then, Chloe has displayed great interest in weightlifting and has worked hard to pursue various weight lifting goals. She has received numerous trophies and has even set new state and world records.

Chloe competes in her own weight division and engages in a weight training program 3 days a week. This allows her the time to work out at the gym while also competing in different weight lifting tournaments. Chloe has won two World Association Benchers and Deadlifters trophies in both bench press and deadlift, and this year, she competed in Las Vegas and won State Records for bench press at 166.34 pounds and for deadlift at 308.6 pounds.

At 31 years old, Chloe is a client of UCP’s Applied Abilities Program in Tracy. She enjoys participating in this program and going out into the community and interacting with other program participants. Chloe continues to live her life without limits, making everyone at UCP proud of all her hard work and everything she has accomplished.